Education & Outreach Program

The Education & Outreach Program works to educate the public on environmental issues through creative projects, including non-fiction books, powerpoints, campaigns, and theater performances.

  • Lives Per Gallon Story Project: The Lives Per Gallon Story Project is a collection of stories from the victims of the BP oil spill and offers ways you can directly help them.  Though the oil spill has been capped the devastation and impacts endure for the people and the environment in the region.  The Story Project is not only intended to help the region but to inform the public about the impact over time and to keep the story alive.
  • Clean Seas Advocacy: The Clean Seas Coalition is a growing group of environmentalists, scientists, California lawmakers, students, and community leaders pushing California to strengthen laws reducing trash in California's seas and on beaches. Lt. Governor John Garamendi formed the "Clean Seas Coalition" to make the Ocean Protection Council's pollution reduction recommendations a reality.
  • The Truth About...: As the world advances towards a low carbon future, many are debating what the best alternatives are to transition away from fossil fuels in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to solve the climate change crisis. This section of our website is devoted to exposing “the truth about” the subjects of these debates.
  • Books: View SGA's President, Terry Tamminen's, latest books and see how you can obtain your own copy.
  • 20% in 20 Days: We challenge you to take the 20% in 20 Days Challenge!  It will not only be fun, but should save you money in the end.
  • Save Sheldon!: Save Sheldon! was conceived of and written by environmental activist and performer Kristina Haddad to not only inform audiences about environmental issues but also to entertain and inspire.