Benefits of Members Own Health Funds

family health fund

Your health is one of your most significant investments. As such, besides taking all the necessary precautionary measures to protect you from falling sick, you also need to be prepared for the worst. A health insurance policy plays a critical role in providing you with a softer landing if you fall insurance

Have you ever thought about getting members own health fund? These are essentially insurance policies that are run to benefit the members. Unlike health insurance plans offered by insurance companies, members own funds are not run for a profit. This implies that members stand to gain a lot more, and here are some reasons most people are turning to these health funds.

Excellent Customer Services

Members own health funds are known for quality customer service. This is made possible by the fact that they are solely meant to address the interest of the members. Thus, unlike traditional health insurance plans, you can always be sure of getting timely and professional customer service. Things like unexplained wait times and other bureaucratic procedures are unheard here.

More Cover in Private Hospitals

What a standard insurance policy covers solely depends on the plan you choose. However, there is always an element of whether or not you have an agreement with your private hospital. Private hospital agreements are essential. Thus, one good thing about members own funds, besides their relatively small size, is that their members have more options to go for as far as private hospitals are concerned.

More Benefits for Members

Members own funds are run with the sole objective of protecting the health of their members, and not for profit. Thus, you can be sure that these institutions are in business to help you. This allows them to provide better services, products, and value for money.


Most people look at the size of an insurance firm when analyzing the security of the firm. However, this does not mean that small-sized members own funds will be unable to satisfy your medical needs. What you need to know is that any health funds are run based on strict rules set up by the government. With more people realizing these funds are in safe hands, and the fact that they offer generous benefits has seen the market share for members own health funds increase significantly during the last decade.